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.: Temple of Shadows :.

// Forget All That You Know //

Empress of the Tao
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I'm a nice asian girl who probably seems a bit immature for her age, but that's only because I'd rather enjoy myself than dwell on the drama. Life is hectic enough without adding unnecessary stress to it.

It's for that reason that many have told me that I'm a bit "eccentric" and that's just fine. What can I say, I love having a good time and seeing people smile. So come by and flash me your pearly-whites!

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Witness the Revolution

Chibi Love!!!

Vincent x Tifa is sexy love

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S H I S O U Determination ~ =O-Blood That Binds-O= FIGHTING SPIRIT Unmasked Entomologist sabaku ai    SOUND//   the KIN TSUCHI fanlisting
' sincerity ' PRODIGY Temperal Solitaire Sailor Saturn Fanlisting >>> Sorcerer of Dark <<< Whisper | Princess Garnet XVII showtime!
r e u n i o n.....advent children Final Heaven Pieces of Absolution D E A T H P E N A L T Y Beauty & the Beast Hopeful 7th Heaven

- Accomplishments -

Stamped as:
May Your Swords Stay Sharp!
at alagaesia_rate

Stamped as:
Advent Children
at acratings

Won for November 2005 challenge at ten_squared
Snow Beetle
Theme: In the middle of snow-fall

Won for December 2005 challenge at ten_squared
A Family To Call My Own
Theme: Of red fireworks and green trees

Won for March 2006 challenge at ten_squared
A Teacher's Memoirs
Theme: Unlike a river, but similar to a marsh

Won for June 2006 challenge at ten_squared
In Us We Trust
Theme: Teamwork pays off

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i'm in ravenclaw!
be sorted @ nimbo.net

i'm in ravenclaw!
be sorted @ nimbo.net

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

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