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re: Legend of Korra 010

First of all, let me just start off saying that I wasn't even expecting a new episode this week. There's been so much promotion work and advertisement for the season finale that I thought they were just skipping to give us time to prepare.

Thank Holy I thought to see what episode they were gonna show before the final battle.

As amazing as this episode was, it started a little slow for me. But given that we had an unconscious Avatar at the end of the last episode, it's understandable. End on a somber note, start on one for the next installment. The Mako-protectiveness didn't really help matters. I mean, I understand there are feelings. I understand that they're unresolved feelings. But I think it was just handled poorly.

Then again, this is speaking from a 20-something mindset. We forget so easily that, despite the darker tones and the older characters, they're still teenager-ish ages. The higher end of it, yes. But still teens fighting in a war and trying to figure out themselves. I can forgive that. I can't forgive brushing Asami aside. Although, the further along this love triangle we go, the more I feel like she's gonna have enough reason to join her father with the Equalists. But that's just me.

I've been very suspicious of her since day one. I'll admit.

But the parallel between the situation between Love Triangle 1 (with Korra, Mako, and Asami) and not really Love Triangle 2 (with Lin, Tenzin, and Pema). You can tell there's still emotion there between Tenzin and Lin. Understandable given that they're kids of the original Team Avatar. And it seemed like Aang and Tophs families were really close. Whether it's platonic or just some lingering feels from their past relationship is still up in the air. Not that anything will come of it. Tenzin is very much in love with his wife and family. But it makes you wonder how Lin and Tenzen's relationship was like way back when. And how exactly they fell apart. Makes me wonder, at least.

Ah, I've missed this.

*snerks* The result of Korra driving has the car rammed into a light pole. I really wish they'd shown that when it happened. But then, it was a serious-fais episode. The comedy of the Avatar struggling with something so simple as driving would've tarnished the whole 'Tarrlock is a BLOODBENDER' reveal. I guess. We'll never know, will we?

Not that it has anything on the image of a war ship heading towards Air Temple Island. I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that their hearts stopped or dropped when you realized that Amon was going after a pregnant woman and three kids. And when Pema went into Labor? Typical move, but still 'Oh no!' nonetheless. Good thing the kids proved him wrong about being an easy target.

OMG, AIRBENDER KIDS, I LOVE YOU. YOU WERE JUST AS AWESOME AS I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE. Lol, and Jinora's battle cry: "GET AWAY FROM MY FATHER'S EX-GIRLFRIEND!" It was the cutest thing ever. Lin should have a mini-me army more often. Tough and no-nonsense as she is, it's the most adorable thing in the world. You go MamaBear-Lin!

BUT OMG, LIN LOST HER BENDING. DDD: YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOU FOR STICKING TO YOUR GUNS AND STANDING UP FOR THE AVATAR, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING HOW MUCH OF A HARD TIME YOU GAVE KORRA WHEN SHE FIRST CAME TO REPUBLIC CITY. BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LOSE YOUR BENDING? I'm seriously hoping it's gonna end up being one of those "X-MEN: THE LAST STAND" type of deal where it's not really permanent and that she'd be able to overcome it with some time and awesomeness that her family is known for. I mean, COME ON. She's TOPH'S kid. That family was meant to DEFY the impossible.

And finally:

CAPTAIN IROH. Or general, or whatever his title is, I don't remember. All that was really going through my mind was 'OMGWTFBBQ, THAT'S DANTE BASCO. DANTE BASCO IS FINALLY IN THE HOUSE. AND HE'S VOICING A CHARACTER NAMED IROH. SEASON FINALE YOU CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.'

...Really tl;dr, but I count it as making up for not talking about this series until now. Why haven't I?
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