Empress of the Tao (tao_empress) wrote,
Empress of the Tao

I just ran out of bandaids...

Spoilers abound! Maybe.

Usually, I wait for blooming_cosmo to do her post about the week's episode to fangirl and sputter with. But I just couldn't wait. I'll admit one thing though: Revelations in this week's episode of Young Justice has made me fearful of what might've happened to the rest of the team. I started to have that ominous feeling in Earthlings, but this. This was just another nail in the coffin of fear.

But Oh. My God. The feels in this one. THE FEELS. So much happened in five years, I don't even. ;w;

When I heard his voice, I suspected. But with the tour-guide that sounded like Artemis with a weird accent earlier in the episode, I didn't wanna assume. Good thing the writers decided to do THE REVEAL only seconds after. And my heart just kinda dropped. Because it was Kaldur. And he was on the side of bad. And when he mentioned 'Father,' I had one of those gaspy "Oh no!" sort of moments.

Kaldur, my poor Aqualad!

It was short and brief, but the exchange between him and the group. About Tula, and Manta. Khary Payton, the anger in your voice always gives me chills, I love you, no matter what shape or form.

And the Bats family. THE BATS FAMILY. I squee'd like the hopeless fangirl that I am. The Bats will always have a special place in my heart, but seeing them all together, fighting as the Vigilante fam that they are. There was not a moment during that entire bit that I didn't LOVE. They're just the well-oiled machine I expect them to be. Especially our dear Nightwing/Robin. His command of EVERYONE. The way he orchestrated that mission like the leader he was and always will be. HE'S NOT EVEN IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

More of this, animators and writers. MORE. OF. THIS.

Don't even get me started on Legend of Korra. THE BATTLE SCENES ALONE WERE ENOUGH TO MAKE IT EPIC.
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